Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have been devouring all I can find on the art of cookie decorating for several months now. , Glorioustreats , and are the three sites I visit most often.
They have the best tutorials and step by step instructions you could ever ask for.
These women are artists, they are geniuses with royal icing. I can not say enough how much they inspire me.
Because of them I have made these....



I am still a novice, I am still learning, experimenting, and designing.
This is a whole new world of possibilities that has opened to me.
I am already planning my spring and Easter cookies!
I will do a blog post on that as I get them finished up.
Please find what calls to you, research it and immerse yourself in it, you will realize that 
even the things that you once thought you couldn't do, you really can do!!!


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