Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fluttering in MA.

I have been a FLY baby for years... if you don't know what I am talking about, Please go to this site now ( and learn about it....I will wait here till you get back........

Ok so now that you have a better idea of what I mean about being a FLY baby, I can share with you my story.

When I say I am fluttering it is because I will start to follow the ways of the FLY Lady, and then burn myself out. It has been happening like this for years I will start by jumping in where I am and then I do too much because of my Perfectionist ways.

I just don't seem to get the real message that Marla is trying to get across to me. But this year I feel different. I read this years mission statement and a light bulb clicked on in my head. It was so simple.

Perfectionism is shelved in 2012.

That's it. Simple right?

I had been failing at this for so long because my perfectionism kept getting in the way.
So I recently decided that I needed to take things slowly. Now because I have done this before
I already knew about jumping in where you are, so that's what I did.

I woke up one day and got dressed to lace up shoes. Again simple. I was dressed and ready for anything. That day I made up my routine for the week and a Menu plan as well.
                                                                   Then I shined my sink.

The next day I got dressed to shoes again...and went to work on following the flight plan I created for the week....I jumped in on ZONE 2 the Kitchen.
This is the other side of my counter almost totally clutter free.
You can see my Flight plans listed on the cabinet door. 
And my cup of Ice water I drink about 4 every day.

This is the rest of our small kitchen counter space. Clear of clutter as well, and on 
the cabinet above my mixer is the Recipe for our meal that night.

One of the things I love most about the FLY Lady and her mission, is that she just wants you to take it 15 min at a time because the mess didn't appear over night, it took time to make your mess and it is gonna take time to clean it all up.  The truth is we want the mess to disappear now, and that is the perfectionist in us just nagging away.  I have a hard time remembering that slow and steady wins the race.

After I was done with the kitchen counters I moved on to decluttering my bedroom, It really wasn't that bad, but it is still a work in progress. I did manage to get our headboard, side tables nice and clean.
Then I made our bed up and vacuumed, and now it feels like an oasis to go in there.

I love my bed at the end of the day. My husband and I built this together the year we got married.
Above the mirror is a Plaque he made me for an anniversary present one year it says "always kiss me goodnight" and I love it so much :)

Our bedroom is an extension of the love we share for one another. I am so happy to have reclaimed it.

I am still learning to Finally Love Myself(FLY)
but with Marla's help, kind words of encouragement, and loving wisdom, I know I will get there some day.  Until then I will flutter along, sing a happy song and try to shelve the perfectionism that has kept me from FLYing for so many years.

I will keep posting about my adventures in FLYing as I continue to grow and declutter.  Please let me know what you have been doing to FLY and kick perfectionism out the door!!!

Love ~Victoria~

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